Memory window


You can monitor and change the memory under given address. But change of memory is available only for RAM memory.
Note that only visible items are updated to reduce the communication burden of MCU. So, please minimize the window size so that the communication burden of MCU could be also minimized.
easyDSP limits the address range according to MCU. In case the adress is limited by easyDSP, the data of address is displayed as '-' without reading.

1. For Arm core MCU, HardFault is caused by accessing an invalid address (which is not limited by easyDSP). Please be careful when setting the address.

2. For a certain STM32 MCU with secure MPU activated, MCU can be stuck after memory access.

This window displays a memory with hex format and variable bit width (8/16/32 bits). 
To change its value, first select the row and click left button of mouse in the target location.
Versatile address input is available such as 0x1234 (hex), 1234 (hex without 0x prefix) and &variable.
Also comment (//) can be added to the address input such as '0x1234 // register'. 
In the address combo box, the recent addresses are registered so that you can easily swap between.
Total memory size to be displayed in a window is 1kB (0x400). But regular data update is limited to only visible area of window.

Note : 
    1.  The start address is 4B aligned for TI C2000 MCU.     
          example) if input address is 0x--0 or 0x--1, then start address is 0x--0.
         example) if input address is 0x--2 or 0x--3, then start address is 0x--2.
    2.  The start address is 8B aligned for Arm core.
         example) if input address is 0x--0 to 0x--7, then start address is 0x--0.
         example) if input address is 0x--8 to 0x--F, then start address is 0x--8.

    3. The first memory address shown in the window could be not the address you input in the adress combo box. 
    4. 1kB memory area is displayed from the start address.
    5. In case &var format is used as an address input, if it is changed with code modification, the address of the window is automatically changed after MCU booting.  


When easyDSP communicates with multi cores of ARM MCU

You can select which core accesses the memory.
This is useful in case each core has different memory contents.
If the start address is set by '&n:var' format, the core is fixed to CPUn.